OCTALED CANDLE F01 are LED powered bulbs with Е14 socket, mostly suitable for refrigerators, sewing machines and other apecial applications. F01 series can be used also for decorative and accent lighting applications at home.

Detailed information

Homogeneous soft light
Long life time - 30 000 hours
Available in neutral white and cool white light
No flickering
Made of high quality durable materials and components



Octaled F01 Photo_100x100_fit_478b24840a Octaled F01 Photo_100x100_fit_478b24840a
Socket Е14 Е14
Part Number OCTALED F01 1.6W/E14/3500 OCTALED F01 1.6W/E14/5000
Nominal Luminous Flux 60 lm 70 lm
Nominal Voltage - -
Nominal Wattage 1.6 W 1.6 W
Claimed Equivalance Incand. Lamp -- --
Nominal Lamp Life Time 30 000 h 30 000 h
Colour Temperature 3500 K 5000 K
CRI >80 >80
Power Factor > 0.45 > 0.45
Downloads WARRANTY POLICY LED Lamps BG_EN.pdf DS_OCTALED F01 v2.2.pdf