Introduction of new efficient LEDs series

Photo 2015-01_170x170_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a
  • Mass production of LED series with efficiency > 200 lmW
  • Production of high-power COB C2A, C3A, C5A, C7A started
  • LED engines portfolio enhanced
  • Growth of LED lighting fixtures and projects export salesасд

Start of LED lamps production

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  • Production capacity increased
  • Mass production of LED series: 5730, 5630, 3528, 5050
  • Production of RGB COB and RGB PLCC LEDs started
  • LED lamps (bulbs and tubes) production for retail market started

Lighting projects expansion

Photo Petrol 1-01_170x170_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a
  • Mass production of SMD and COB LEDs
  • LED lighting fixtures expansions
  • Start of Electronic Manufacturing Services for external clients

Expansion of LED portfolio

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  • Introduction of innovative encapsulation technology.
  • Start of PLCC and COB LEDs production.

Start of mass production

OCTL LED Production-01_170x170_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a
  • Production of Bullstar high-power LED series.
  • Expansion of Bullstar portfolio.

Company startup

Octa Light Bulgaria Production Site Night-01_170x170_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a
  • Company founded. Shareholders: Monbat AD (51%) and Octagon International (49%).
  • High-power Light Emitting Diodes production started.