The Octa Light CANOPY series are specially designed for lighting of petrol stations and other covered area with height of up to 6 m2. Intended for recessed mounting, the CANOPY series models are engineered on modular basis allowing easy mounting and maintenance,

The luminaires of the CANOPY series are an ideal solution for replacement of Metal Halide sources from 250W and even higher, as well as fluorescent analogues of lower power consumption range. The CANOPY luminaires guarantee a minimum of 5 times energy saving compared to conventional non-LED light sources. As different lighting projects require different lighting levels, the CANOPY series can be provided  with the INTELLILAMP-W automatic dimming system, which guarantees additional energy savings and proper light levels when are where needed. The CANOPY series can be delivered with two main light distribution patterns – wide (120º), standard (90º) and narrow (60º) output line cone. Luminaires can be delivered in varied colours upon request. 

All luminaires of the series are manufactured according to standard canopy openings, so that no additional openings or working have to be done for their installation.

Detailed information
Mounting type: recessed
Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Option for dimming and intelligent lighting control system
LEDs life span L70 > 50 000 h
Different options for light pattern distributions: 60, 90, 120 degrees
Protection class: IP 66, IK 10
Power factor > 0.95
CRI > 70


06-24 Image__OK_100x100_fit_478b24840a 06-24 Image__OK_100x100_fit_478b24840a
Part Number CNPPRE1207XX CNPPRE1607XX
Efficiency A++ A++
Dimensions L 440 mm x W 450 mm x H 85 mm L 440 mm x W 450 mm x H 85 mm
Colour Temperature 5700 K / 4000 K / 2700 K 5700 K / 4000 K / 2700 K
Nominal Power 120 W 160 W
Nominal Luminous Flux 15600 lm / 15600 lm / 14820 lm 20800 lm / 20800 lm / 19760 lm
Power Supply 230 V AC 230 V AC
Downloads DS_OCTA_Canopy Premium_ v 2.4.pdf