ESTRELLA Rotatable

Lighting is a key factor for sales in commercial zones and retail outlets. It can directly influence buyers purchasing intentions buy influencing their mood or focusing their attention to retail merchandising and products specific attributes. 

ESTRELLA is a LED luminaire that can provide various lighting solutions in the retail outlets. It can be used for accent or general lighting. The optics of the luminaire is designed in such way that prevents glare. ESTRELLA series include models with different design and the option to direct the light angle. 

ESTRELLA enables retailers to achieve significant energy saving as it is averagely 50% more efficient in comparison to conventional energy-saving lamps

Detailed information
Mount type: Recessed 
Power supply: 230 V AC 
Front cover type: Matt or transparent polycarbonate 
Protection class: IP 21 
Power factor > 0.90
CRI > 80 
Up to 24° rotation angle

ESTRELLA Rotatable

DS_OCTA Estrella v1__OK_100x100_fit_478b24840a
Part Number ESTR0118XXR
Efficiency A+
Dimensions Ø120
Colour Temperature 5700 K / 4000 K / 2700 K
Nominal Power 11 W
Nominal Luminous Flux 1100 lm / 1100 lm / 1040 lm
Power Supply 230 V AC
Downloads DS_OCTA ESTRELLA_Rotatable_V2.6.pdf